January 2017 Progress Report

In January 2017 we published a progress report to accompany our Rantoul Tomorrow Showcase at the JW Eater Innovation Center. Below you will find our Schools accomplishments and goals to date or you can view the entire report here!



  • Finish Facilities Improvements:  playgrounds, flooring, plumbing, locker rooms
  • Projects have been completed at Eater Jr High, including the Innovation Center and plans are to finish Elementary buildings this summer for two summers including playgrounds this summer.
  • Implement After-School Programs on-site: at least 1 school
  • Tap-In Leadership Academy will be at all 5 elementary schools starting April 1
  • Implement Volunteer Programs: mentoring, after-school, recess/lunch
  • Tap-In Leadership Academy, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, DREAAM Academy (2017 summer for 12 Pre-K boys), Girls on the Run, Coding Club (with DS Volition volunteers)
  • Mental Health Services from 2 agencies provided for students and families on site - currently located in Pleasant Acres, Broadmeadow, & Eater Jr. High
  • Continue to find ways to ease the 8th-9th grade transition
  • Fall 2016 first day of school/Freshmen only, 
  • Freshman are now paired with upperclassmen mentors on their first day
  • Support more teachers in using mastery-based grading
  • Applied to participate in state pilot program to allow credit for competency (for earlier graduation, college credit, etc.)
  • Increase percentage of students on track to graduate after freshman year
  • Counselor support, mentors
  • Develop Individualized Career Plans for every incoming freshman
  • Guidance counselors developed career maps, meetings with Freshmen based on Career Cruising survey results
  • Work with the Community Service Center and RTHS to complete Resource info for families and provide a joint resource fair
  • Obtain U of I Social Work grant for mental health improvements
  • We were not awarded the grant this year but will continue to look for funding
  • Expand partnerships between schools and industry 
  • Representatives from the schools and Economic Development attended the 60x25 Conference in Rockford to learn techniques/plans in January