Infrastructure Investment Advisory Task Force Meeting #1

Rantoul Tomorrow Infrastructure Advisory Task Force Minutes

September 10th2015


Members Present:  Debra Rawlings, Tom Iorio, Mark Bjornbak, Greg Hazel, Pete Passarelli, Nicole Barbiaux

Discussion:  At the initial meeting of the Infrastructure Subcommittee which met at 4:30 pm on September 10th, the group discussed the framework of the Rantoul Tomorrow Initiative and the role that the Infrastructure Subcommittee would play in the process.  In addition the following items were discussed:

1.        What do we consider to be components of the Village’s Infrastructure?  The group considered the following areas to be components of the Village’s infrastructure:

a.       The utilities to include electric, water, wastewater, gas and storm. 

b.      The transportation network consisting of streets, bikepaths, sidewalks and rail.

c.       Telecommunications, cellular, internet, fiber

d.      Village owned facilities to include Parks

                                                               i.      Discussed inviting Luke Humphrey to participate in follow on meetings

e.      Airport

2.       The Group reviewed the following five key questions:

a.       How do we adequately fund our infrastructure requirements?

b.      How do we use our infrastructure to encourage development?

c.       How do improve Utility user satisfaction?

d.      How do we manage deficient systems inherited from the Air Force?

e.      How should we prioritize infrastructure requirements?

3.       The group broadly discussed the Vision for Infrastructure.


4.       The Groupbriefly reviewedthe draft Utility Story Maps that provide


a.       Electric


b.      Water  


c.       Waste Water


d.      Storm Water


e.      Gas


5.       The group agreed to meet on October 8th at 4:30 pm at the Municipal Conference Room.  The meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm.