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Big Brothers Big Sisters is coming to Rantoul City Schools! In order to better serve our children they are hiring a full time case manager, but need our help with funding the position! 
Take action and be a part of the amazing changes coming to Rantoul!

Rantoul Tomorrow is an exciting initiative focused on joining the community in building a bright future for the Village of Rantoul.



You, as a community member, are a vital and necessary part of this process!

Our Mission

We seek to enhance life in our community by focusing on several strategic areas, such as strengthening our school system, growing our job market, and providing more housing options, as well as focusing on putting the infrastructure in place those areas that will form together into a cohesive whole as each area spurs growth in the next.

We are inviting you to step up and make your voice heard in our community through participating in public forums, and getting involved online and in person to make these goals a reality. We believe in a fully transparent process, inviting input at every step. You, as a community member, are a vital and necessary part of this process!

Take a Tour

On this site, you can check out the calendar to find upcoming meetings that you can attend, and read blogs where each advisory task force will be posting their meeting notes and fostering further discussion in which you can participate and stay abreast of the changes.

Check out our Progress Report published in January 2017!

Check out our Progress Report published in January 2017!

Upcoming Events:


We are facilitating discussion to create an actionable plan. As we forge a path to dynamic growth, we seek to inspire pride in our community and build excitement for the future.


Areas of Focus

Throughout the Rantoul Tomorrow process we have continually made an effort to refine our areas of focus. Over time we narrowed our focus down to three key areas: Schools, Neighborhoods & Economic Growth.



Areas of Focus

A better relationship between housing, industry & schools, supported by infrastructure, will create a positive growth cycle.

Growing one area of focus will have positive effects on others. Click the chart below for an expanded view on how each area influences the other.

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