Bringing in businesses and encouraging local businesses by shopping in Rantoul helps keep the community vital by keeping money circulating locally and offering products and services relevant to Rantoul citizens.
Areas of Influence
Healthy employment builds demand for housing, brings in new people and families and retains young people after graduation by giving them a healthy, competitive job market in which to thrive.

Village staff contact:  Rebecca Motley, Economic Development,

Next Public Meeting

Each Advisory Task Force will meet once to twice a month and members of the public are welcome to visit. Posts on the Rantoul Tomorrow blogs recount proceedings from public meetings and are written solely by Advisory Task Force member volunteers.

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The Rantoul Tomorrow blogs will provide the framework for many deep discussions about the future of our community.

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January 2017 Progress Report

In January 2017 we published a progress report to accompany our Rantoul Tomorrow Showcase at the JW Eater Innovation Center. Below you will find our Economic Growth accomplishments and goals to date or you can view the entire report here!



  • Downtown: Beautification & Clean-up
  • Upgrades to LED street lighting
  • Mixed use path extensions
  • Downtown: Updating Ordinances and Streamlining Codes
  • Village process continuing, to be completed by Spring 2017
  • American Legion Summer 2017 state baseball tournament hosting
  • Midwest Prep Academy: reuse of football facilities, starting summer 2017
  • Farmers’ Market continuation
  • A Market Director has been hired, market is scheduled July 5 – September 20
  • Buy Local campaign expansion with RACC
  • Shop Rantoul First, holiday season 2016 (Village funding)
  • Focus on downtown microbrewery/restaurants/gathering places
  • Liquor commission rules revision to allow for microbrewery use & special event permits
  • Streetscape projects funding plan
  • Fall 2016 grant application denied; different funding sources being explored
  • Downtown façade grant program projects
  • Wellness Workshop awning replacement
  • Jill’s Creative Expressions window replacement
  • Tire Monkey façade improvement
  • $20K budget for 2017-2018
  • Continue discussion with U of I, other sports programs re: usage of Village facilities
  • Continue new project development in TIF #2 and #4 
  • Downtown:  Pride in Ownership and Marketing
  • Downtown:  Conversion of Downtown into event venue
  • Flower Island Program
  •     Involvement of RTHS landscaping students
  • ArtPlace America grant program
  • Complete New hotel #2 market study
  • Attraction of Microbrewery to Downtown
  • Develop two restaurants/gathering places in Downtown
  • Bank Building RFP to be issued in Spring 2017


Rantoul Economic Development Advisory

August 18, 2015


Rantoul Business Center

5:30 pm



1.              Call to Order

2.               Roll Call

3.               Public participation

4.               Approval of meeting minutes

5.               Commercial & Industrial Development Existing Conditions

6.               Retail Survey Results

7.               Industrial relations and retention program


9.               CEP contract

10.                                  Development policies and services.  Ordinance review

11.                                  Discussion questions:  what types of jobs do we want?


Next meeting date:  Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 5:30 pm

Rantoul Business Center




Notion of Potential Gathering of Majority of Quorum

Rantoul Village board of Trustees


In accordance with the provisions of 5 ILCS 120 (The Illinois Open Meetings Act), notice is hereby given that a majority of a quorum of the Village board of Trustees of the Village of Rantoul, Illinois, may be in attendance at the Rantoul Economic Development Advisory meeting on August 18, 2015 at 5:30 pm